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Profile Code of Conduct – Our Promise to You!

Profile Professional - A successful relationship between a driving instructor and pupil is one of our primary intentions and we know it has a definite and direct bearing on how a learner driver progresses in their training. If this relationship holds a high level of respect and confidence it brings great and positive results. It is vital to Profile that any new pupil considering driving lessons of any type with us that they know that they will be treated correctly and with respect and that the lesson and learning structure is tailored directly for them.

Profile Professional - It makes us very proud to see how our passed customers over the years have rated us and continue to highly recommend us to their family and friends. You can read a selection of their comments on our review page. Profile Driving School Instructors are a very experienced and are known throughout Halifax and surrounding local areas for being friendly, supportive, patient and professional in all what we do.

Profile Professional - Everyone is always taught at a one to one level and appropriate training areas and routes are always planned and selected to ensure that a consistent and progressive learning environment is created, using as many natural driving conditions and situations as possible. This is done without going beyond a pupil’s particular needs and ability at the time. The instructor/learner driver relationship is an ongoing shared assessment and objectives are set together.

Profile Professional - Over the time spent learning to drive with Profile, whether it be in and automatic, electric (electric not yet, but something for the future maybe) or manual car you will be introduced to your local road system in and around Halifax, gaining knowledge of unusual junctions, roundabouts, and particular road layouts for example. While using the local area you will also gain knowledge on how your local test centre operates and the varied test roads used. Being familiar with your driving area will build your driving confidence and help towards passing your driving test, hopefully first time! Find Profile Driving School on Facebook.





1, We will always be professional and behave in a courteous and respectful manner at all times.

2, We will never provide any tuition whatsoever under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

3, We will always ensure that each pupil is treated in a respectful and fair manner regardless of ability, gender, religion, race, sexual orientation.

4, We will never smoke in the car and maintain a proper standard of dress and personal hygiene.

5, We will never act in an aggressive or threatening manner and will avoid making physical contact unless it is an emergency situation.

6, We will not induce any type of behaviour that could encourage a physically or emotionally dependent instructor and pupil relationship.

7, We will not guide or encourage conversations that could be deemed inappropriate, offensive or misleading.

8, We will not make an attempt to contact any pupil via text, phone, email, social media etc. – unless it is making arrangements for future or pre-arranged lessons, pick up times, meeting places etc!



1, We will make every effort to be on time for arranged lessons. We try to do this within a 7 to 10 min window, but if we are held up and going to be late we will always send a text message.

2, We will display our DVSA Approved Driving Instructor ID licence in car (Green ADI Badge) and you will only get a fully qualified instructor.

3, We will treat each pupil as an individual and always design and provide a teaching plan best suited for the individual and keep in confidence all information relating to the pupils progress and ability private, unless stated differently by the pupil.

4, We will only teach at a one to one level, one pupil, one instructor. However from time to time we do teach joint family members from time to time, learning from each other’s lessons. This is always a pre-arranged situation and the cost remains the same.

5, We will always provide a car fit for the purpose of instruction with all the correct documentation in place and teach the recommended Driving Standards Vehicle Agency’s recommended syllabus first before following up with any advanced driving skills.

6, We will always advise the pupil in good time when to apply for a theory or driving test, which in the long term could save you money by not sitting out a waiting list, which can get quite long at times.

7, We will keep up to date within the driving industry, changes in practice, relevant national publications and purpose websites.

8, We will always account for and safeguard along with providing a receipt for any monies paid for our services.

Driving Lesson


1, We will always keep a pupils details confidential and never share these with a third party.

2, We will ensure that any advertising is fair, factual, honest and not misleading in any way.

3, We will always take any complaint seriously and deal with it, however small and correct it.

4, We will monitor ourselves continuously to ensure the correct knowledge and syllabus is up to date and being taught.

5, We ensure that our pricing is fair, accurate and within the driving industry spectrum and keep records monetary transactions between pupil and Profile.

6, We will provide our terms of booked time cancellation, the current pricing structure and the conditions of using of our cars for driving tests.



We hope that when you read through our commitments and code of practice which Profile Professional makes to you is that you that you see that you are going to experience learning with a local company that is;

1, Very experienced in teaching in both manual and automatic cars and only providing fully qualified instructors in a, as much as can be, relaxed and stress free environment.

2, Very highly recommended by its local customers for being professional, friendly, easy to use and delivering great calm and positive instruction.

3, Very committed to creating as simple as possible, effective and structured learning environment regardless how you view yourself to getting on the road and learning to drive.

Your Success is also our success!





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